1500-word reflective essay on your learning journey to date. See many notes on Blackboard on what to include in this.

Your assignment MUST also contain an Appendix.

Appendix Does not count towards final word count Must contain the following:

List of references used in both the essays above in Harvard Style (for all academic references, which you MUST include to get a good mark).
Completed Summary Sheet listing Diary Reflections used for both essays above see the form to use under Assessment on Blackboard it is the first item in this section. It contains notes on how to fill it in. You use this to label the Diary reflections (R01, R02 etc) that you will reference in the essays above.
A copy of all the diary entries that you have used to write your essay and that you have listed on the Summary sheet above I will not use these to determine your grade, they are just for reference, but must be included
All the information you need to complete your assignment successfully is available on Blackboard. I have added a scan of my rough feedback notes from your group presentations in case they are of use. Specific information on the Assignment is available under Assessment and full lecture notes have been posted under Teaching Material.

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