1712024 marketing orientation

The concept of marketing orientation has a number of components:
customer orientation: understanding customers well enough continuously to create superior value for them;
competitor orientation: awareness of the short- and long-term capabilities of competitors;
interfunctional co-ordination: using all company resources to create value for target customers;
organisational culture: linking employee and managerial behaviour to customer satisfaction;
long-term creation of shareholder value: as the overriding business objective.
Hooley, G., Piercy, N., and Nicoulaud, B., (2012) Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning, 5th Ed. FT Prentice Hall p.8.
By reference to academic literature, explore and critically evaluate this perspective on marketing orientation, and make generic recommendations to management arising from that evaluation
More details please see the Attached File.
UK English, avoid complicated words and sentences.
Only sources from Journals will be accepted.

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