1712031 Scenario Planning – Fitbit

On August 3, 2015, two days before its second-quarter earnings came out, Fitbit, Inc.s stock price hit an all-time high of $50.00. A few months earlier, when Fitbit went public on June 18, it opened its first day of trading at a price of $30.40, 52% higher than its initial public offering price. As what appeared to be the most successful IPO so far in 2015, Fitbit attracted significant attention and inevitably drew controversy as well. Investors with favourable impressions of the new public company anticipated great potential and a promising future for Fitbit. Others were less positive, calling it a fad without any real opportunity for future development.
What was Fitbit, and what would it become? The question concerned not only potential investors but also James Park, CEO of the high-tech company.
The assessment requires you to position yourself as a marketing Consultant who has been brought in by James Park to help answer the critical question of What was Fitbit, and what would it become?
Using Scenario Planning techniques, your report should provide at least two possible scenarios that the business will face, an assessment of its current position (What business is it in?) and recommendations for the development of its overall Marketing strategy.
Details please see the Attached File. You should follow the example, required structure and contents.
UK English, avoid complicate words and sentences.

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