Assignment Overview
This Case Assignment starts with a general understanding of how measurement instruments and variable relationships are assessed. That knowledge is applied to the assessment of two papers.
Important: We will also see that every researcher not only doesnt use the same tools but address less mechanisms for assessing the instruments and variable relationships.
Case Assignment
After reviewing the required readings found in the module background section, obtain the following document through the electronic library.
Shen, J. & Eder, L. B, (2009), Exploring Intentions to Use Virtual Worlds for Business, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, VOL 10, NO 2
Jyoti, J., and Dev, M. (2015). The impact of transformational leadership on employee creativity: the role of learning orientation, Journal of Asia Business Studies, 9(1).
Go to the case shell and address the questions identified within. The first part of the assignment uses the background reading. The second part uses the documents above.

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