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You have just been hired as the Human Resources (HR) Manager at Aunt Ellas Pie Company. Aunt Ellas is a relatively new company founded five years ago and has expanded rapidly. The company has never had a HR Department and as the HR Manager, you are responsible to develop and implement HR policies, practices, and procedures.
Ella-Jane Moore was a homemaker in Tennessee who lived with her husband and three children. Six years ago, Ellas husband was laid off from his factory job. Ellas husband had a difficult time finding new employment and the family fell on hard times. Ella, an avid baker, enjoyed making homemade baked goods using family recipes that were handed down over generations. Ellas specialty was fruit pies. To help with the family finances, Ella began baking and selling pies to the local townspeople at Thanksgiving and the end-of-the year holidays. However, the demand for Ellas pies continued well beyond the holiday season.Soon Ella was selling pies to people in surrounding communities and eventually, surrounding counties. With the demand so great, Ella secured all the necessary permits to bake and sell food items so that she was operating a legitimate food company. Ella even began freezing and shipping pies to people who lived outside of the local devliery area. Before she knew it, the entire family was involved in Ellas pie enterprise. The operation got so big that the new business could no longer be managed from Ellas kitchen with the help of extended family and friends. When one of the bakeries in town was put up for sale, Ella purchased the bakery and moved her operation there. Ella operated the storefront where customers could now shop for pies from pie cases, and she continued to deliver pies locally and ship pies long distance.Soon a regional grocery chain that operated supermarkets in five states was interested in carrying Ellas frozen pies. Ella moved into an old warehouse and retro-fitted the building to include an area for baking, freezing, storage, and shipping. Ella also expanded her selection of pies for greater variety. As the business grew, Ella hired bakers, kitchen helpers, and sales people to help in the town bakery, as well as bakers, kitchen helpers, and packaging and shipping clerks in the warehosue. Soon Ella was hiring people to work in accounting, faciltities management, Information Technology (IT), and marketing as the business became more sophisticated.Currently, the company employes 55 people at the two locations. Twenty-five of the 55 employees are part time and 30 are full time employees including Ellas husband, who is the Operations Manager. During the holiday season, Ella hires additional temporary workers to assist with the higher volume of pie sales. However, during the peak of last years holiday season, many of the regular employees, both full and part time, worked seven days a week, often more than 50 hours a week, earning the same hourly rate for all time worked. The populations of the local communities where the two facilites are located are about 30% Caucasian, 30% Black, 20% Latino, 5% Native American, and 15% mixed race. Because Ella has tried to save money on employees salaries, she has hired mostly minorities who
comprise about 80% of the workforce because they are willing to accept lower wages because employment opportunties are so scare in the area. The Caucaian employees are paid more in wages on average because they tend to assume a more supervisory role in the
company. With business growing so rapidly, the company needs a HR Department to ensure that the pie company is compliant with prevailing employment laws.
In a 3page essay, students must address the points that appear below this paragraph. Students must use at least five (5) academic sources to support their discussion, and at least two (2) sources must be retrieved from the ProQuest Central or EBSCO Multi-search databases found in the Touro Library. Sources must be cited throughout the body of the paper and appear in a reference list at the end of the assignment A cover page and reference page are required in addition to the 3 pages that will include actual essay. In addition to content, papers will be graded for grammar and spelling
As the new HR Manager, discuss how you will determine if employees should be classifed as at-will employees. How will you communicate with employees to help them to understand the nature of at-will employment in the organization.
2. Describe how the employment relationship will change if the bakers, sales staff, and warehouse workers choose to organize with a labor union. How will a collective bargaining agreement affect Aunt Ellas Pie Company?
3. Disucss applicable federal anti-discrimination laws and the policies and strategies you will develop to enure that all applicants and employees have equal employment opportunties under the law.
4. How might an Affirmative Action plan help you to develop and implement recruiting, employee development, and succession
planning policies?
5. Describe the relationship between harassment and
discrimination in the workplace. What policies and strategies will you implement to mitigate the legal risk of harassment in relation to your anti-discrimination policies and practices.

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