Assignment Overview
The instructions in the PowerPoint slides will be followed. Student will accomplish measurement instrument/model assessment using SPSS tools then using Smart PLS.
Case Assignment
After reviewing the required readings found in the module background section, accomplish the instructions in the PowerPoint Slide (MODULE 3 CASE INSRUCTIONS PPT-3). You will require use of 4 sets of data files (All 3 start with the name Data for Module 3 Variables and Indicators – see below – and the 4th one is called Data for Mediation Analysis.sav) and a macro used in SPSS (59069MB mediation test macro.sps). When you finish you can upload the files to the Case Assignment.
Data for Module 3- Variables and Indicators – Import to SmartPLS
Data for Module 3- Variables and Indicators – Import SPSS
Data for Module 3- Variables and Indicators – Import to SmartPLS-only 99
If it has been long time since you used SPSS or you have never used SmartPLS, look up some You-Tube Videos.
If you do not have a large or dual monitors on your computer, it is highly recommended that you print these PowerPoint instruction slides or you will have challenges executing the assignment.

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