A 1250 word critical analysis of the CS

This assignment has been designed to assess the following learning outcomes;
Demonstrate a critical understanding of the role of human nutrition and metabolism in health and disease.
Critically appraise dietary / nutrient-based guidelines for different stages of the life cycle.
Demonstrate a critical awareness of the complex factors that can influence nutrition across the life course.
The 1250 word critical analysis of Jodie Hancocks dietary intake;
Case study information: 16 year-old Jodie Hancock weighs 55.2 kg and is 1.67m tall. She is an active girl who walks to and from school daily and also swims a couple of times most weeks. Having been referred for assessment by her GP, Jodie recently completed a 3-day dietary diary which has been analysed using dietary analysis software. The results are presented in tables 1 and 2.

Complete tables 1 and 2 by;
– Calculating the percentage of Jodies energy intake that was derived from each of the macronutrients
– Including all relevant Dietary Reference Values for each of the nutrients presented.
Identify and critically discuss 3 nutrients of concern.
Your report should include the following sections: an introduction, results tables, discussion, conclusion, references and appendices.

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