Advanced Theory of Personality

These resources are required to complete the course.
Cervone, D. & Pervin, L.A. (2016). Personality theory and research. (13th ed.). New York , NY Wiley, John & Sons, Inc. ISBN 9781118976296
Textbook Companion Website.
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Begin Final Research Paper.

This assignment MUST be typed in APA style, and must be written at graduate level English.
Choose a problem such as anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, etc. Comparing and contrasting two (2) major theories discussed in the course, write a comprehensive analysis of the personality development and the associated constructs of the problem you identified.

Discuss the current research findings of each theory you chose, both in understanding human behavior and treating psychopathological functioning. Integrate research from a minimum of eight (8) current research articles* taken from scholarly journals (online or hard copy) in your comparative analysis.

* Do not use the course text or other texts for this assignment.
This is a research-based paper.

Remember to include any relevant legal, ethical, and cultural consideration.

Your paper should be 10-12 pages plus a title and reference page.
Assignment Outcomes
Distinguish the major theories of personality
Contrast historical and current views of personality
Integrate evidence based treatment interventions
Combine current research to assessment and technique
Identify legal, ethical issues in theories of personality and psychotherapy
Examine issues of culture and diversity in theories and application
Demonstrate ethical behavior in the use of technology

The Scenario
Cameron is a 24-year-old Pacific Islander male. Cameron has experienced sexual abuse from age 9 to 16 from his aunt on his fathers side. Jake told his mother about the abuse at 17, but she claimed it was misinterpreted because he was a child. Cameron has had an absentee father, and lives with his mother. He has a part time job at a fast food restaurant, and has had trouble keeping jobs in the past. He experiences depression as well as anxiety in social situations which makes employment difficult. He has kept his fast food restaurant job for 6 months so far. Cameron likes it because he is in the back cooking, so he doesnt have to interact with people much. Cameron is seeking therapy to help his depression, and try to be more social in the world without feeling anxious. Throughout time we have tried to understand personality, how it develops, and how to intervene with problems that occur within it. Three theories are going to be applied, diagnosed, and evaluated. Sigmund Freuds Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality, Erik Eriksons Theory of the Eight Stages of Development, and The Personality Theory of Carl Rogers are going to explain their case pertaining to Jake using scientific resources. These theories will also explain their individual view of specific context including; brain chemistry, cultural, legal, and ethical issues.

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