African Art and It’s Influence on The West

Needs to be grammatically correct
A history of how Europeans collected African art
a) The colonialist practices by which they acquired them
b) Their characterization of them as a group
c) Their typical ways of displaying of them
B) A description of the contents of collections
a) In general
b) Specifically with regard to the collections (if we know) seen by Matisse, Picasso, and any other artists you want to cover
C) How these works influenced the artists
a) How they appear in the content of the images, e.g., the mask-like faces of the two figures on the right in Picasso’s “Demoiselles d’Avignon”
b) How they might have affected the color, composition, and other aspects of form in works by Matisse, Picasso, etc.
D) The afterlife/enduriing influence on Western art of these early responses to African art

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