Against Animal Cruelty/Abuse

– TOPIC/POSITION: Against Animal Cruelty/Abuse

– Include a thesis statement that is qualified and clearly arguable
– Include an Exposition (debate background)
– Include a Partition (establish thesis and forecast the essay)
– Include a Confirmation (of your arguments, including Anticipation of readers objections)
– Include a Refutation (counterarguing can include conceding or adoptive alternatives)
– Include a Conclusion

– Include plausible reason such as examples, statistics, authorities, anecdotes
– Include at least 2 sources that support AGAINST Animal Cruelty/Abuse and 1 source that is PRO Animal Cruelty/ Abuse
– Include a cited internally and listed on a “Works Cited” page per MLA rules

– Include ethos in the introduction paragraph
– Include logos in the body paragraphs
– Include pathos in the conclusion paragraph

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