An Introduction to Values and Rights Based Nursing Practice

Summative Submission (2000 words)
The summative assessment for this module requires you to:
Submit two reflective accounts that relate to the values and rights-based nursing practice we have explored during this module.

These must be developed from your Learning Journal and your participation in the online, face to face and self-directed learning activities within the module. You are expected to use the principles of reflection but do not need to use a reflective model. You should write using the first person.

You must select two of the following topics, explored within the module, and write about each using the template provided.

Stigma and Discrimination
Nurse-Patient Relationships
My chosen topics are Nurse-patient relationship and person-centeredness
All material used in the assignment must be properly acknowledged to primary or secondary authors. You must include a reference list to support your assignment and this must follow the Harvard referencing.

The word limit for this assignment is 2000 words (1000 per reflection); therefore assignments that are more than 2200 words in total will have 10% deducted from their final mark.
A word count must be provided. The word count should be from the first word of your first Reflective Account to the final word of your second reflective account (including in-text references) but exclude your reference lists and appendices.

All assignments must be word-processed, using at least a size 12 font (preferably in Times Roman or Arial), and be double-spaced with 3cm left and right margins. Pages should be numbered.

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