Analyse Adidas company to examine how leadership theory and practice has impacted upon organisation sustainability

Critically evaluate at least 2 leadership theories and demonstrate how these theories relate to leadership practices occurring within the chosen organisation. Leadership theories
1.Trait approach
2. Skills
3. Style
4. Contingency
5. Situational Leadership
6. Path-Goal Theory
7.LMX (Dansereau et. al. 1975)
8.Transformational leadership
9.Servant Leadership
10.Authentic Leadership
Select 4 additional topics covered within the lectures. Discuss and critically evaluate the relevance of these topics for the organisation of your choice Topic covered 1. Unethical leadership/ the dark side of leadership 2.Leadership, gender and diversity 3.Leadership self-awareness, EQ and resilience 4.Leading teams and others 5.Global and strategic leadership 6.Leadership development 7.Generational expectations of leadership You must select four of the above elements to discuss and critically evaluate these within your assignment (using appropriate academic literature) and relate these to the organisation which you are using as an example. Draw on a range of academic literature to provide supporting evidence for your discussion. ** reference list must be academic references Credit will be given to those who demonstrate a comprehensive understating of contemporary leadership issues and literature which draws on a wide scope of materials covered within this unit. However, please be aware that there are 5 elements to be covered in this assignment the leadership theories element and the 4 leadership topic areas please make sure you balance your assignment to reflect these (i.e. do not allocate too much of your word count to any one area). **not too much explain what is Adidas company? but you have to demonstrate how adidas leadership apply leadership theory and each key element

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