Analyse HMV’s revival strategies in UK

Analyse HMV’s revival strategies since Hilco’s acquisition
5000 words:
1. Executive summary
2. Introduction (History)
a. Objectives of the study
3. HMVs decline in the music/film industry issues that HMV faced leading to their breaking point in 2002
a. How HMV was performing from start to 2002
b. 2003: Hilco intervened
4. Hilcos intervention/who they are/What they have done + Change in HMVs business model leading to the hypothesis
5. Hypothesis based on the intervention strategies
6. Data & Methods – What data will be used to analysed and test the hypothesis and what methods will be used and why
7. Initial analysis (High Level)
a. Because x,y and z, it seems to have been a success but must dig deeper
8. Limitations (High Level)
a. Analysis that I will do, not very detailed because limited quant data
9. Conclusion
10. Bibliography
11. Appendices
It is expected that the project will explore a significant issue faced by an organisation operating in a complex, innovation-intensive, data-driven environment and involve analysis using a range of quantitative tools and quantitative methods.

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