Angie Thomas, “The Hate U Give” Analysis

Essay Question

Analysis Paper
Book: The Hate U Give

Topic: Preferably about Khalil, Police brutality and search for justice.

Preferably 2 outside sources (Articles), 8 citations (2 for each analysis paragraphs)

Investigate how Angie Thomas explores a contemporary issue through the form of a novela fictional storyline involving by a conflict faced by a central character. Your paper should 1. Introduce and describe the contemporary issue, citing two or more outside sources. 2. Analyze how Thomas turns the issue into a theme in the novel and what Thomas might want us to see or understand about the issue.

Your essay should have: 1. An introduction ending in a thesis 2. One or two body paragraphs describing the contemporary issue 3. Three or four body paragraphs analyzing how the issue becomes a theme in the novel 4. A conclusion that explains what Thomas might want us to see or understand about the issue/theme

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