Applications in Aviation/Aerospace Law

Course: Aeronautics
Module: Applications in Aviation/Aerospace Law
Topic: Agencies & Organizations
Kindly research and answer the below questions.
What federal agency or agencies is/are responsible for:
a. regulating civil aviation safety
b. investigating civil aircraft accidents
c. determining the probable cause of civil aircraft accidents
d. operating radio aids to navigation
e. negotiating international air service agreements
What federal agency or agencies is/are responsible for:
a. pre-boarding screening of airline passengers
b. issuing permits for foreign air carriers to serve the U.S.
c. coordinating and integrating the resources of the federal government and other organizations to meet the needs of airline disaster victims and their families
d. administering the Aviation Safety Reporting Program
e. detecting and interdicting smugglers and others illegally crossing U.S. borders
Possible source:
Practical Aviation & Aerospace Law
Sixth Edition by J. Scott Hamilton
Chapter 1 – Regulatory Agencies and International Organizations

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