Appraisal & Proposal

Write an Appraisal and a Proposal using Yuli Huang, Xiayon Cai, Weiyi Mai, Meijun Li, Yunzhao Hu (2016). Association between prediabetes and risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
This assessment demonstrates individual knowledge of reviewing academic literature, appraising it in the context of research, and how this existing research may inform both policy and new research.
The rationale for assessment design:
Links to module learning outcomes:
Knowledge and understanding learning outcomes:
1. Critically evaluate the evidence used in developing and implementing public health measures and other population assessment.
2. Critically distinguish between research methodologies and methods used in health and public health research
3. Synthesise an appropriate policy response by using population data from a variety of sources
Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills learning outcomes:
4. Critically review published research studies
5. Evaluate and critically comment on the impact of public health policies
6. Prepare a research protocol
The assessment should be put in parts and subheadings:
Part 1. Introduction.
In this part link the module learning outcomes (3, 1, and 5) using diabetes and or prediabetes as the public health issue, include relevant statistical information that is relevant to the topic. (Word account, 300).
Part 2. Critical Appraisal:
Link this part to the module learning outcomes 2 and 4 using CASP critical appraisal tool to achieve this appraisal.
Critically appraise the rationale for the study, the methods used to gather and analyse the data;
Critically discuss the conclusions drawn from the study include how the study design may influence the interpretation of the results in different ways;
Consider what is currently known and how these results contribute to the existing knowledge on the subject. (830)
Part 3 Link the policy: Evaluate and critically comment on the impact of public health policies (Module learning outcome 5):
clearly, link the paper that you appraised to policy documents and state if the information in the study has transferred into policy? If your answer is yes or no state why?
Consider that policy can include institutions or organisation or (university, hospital and care home) government policy. (260).
Part 4 Research Protocol Proposal
Using module learning outcome 6, use the information from your critical appraisal, think how the original research proposal could be developed. (this opportunity can lead to the development of a protocol for a major project.) You should include:
What is the topic area (170 words)
Why is it important (the rationale) (260 words)
What is your research question ( maximum 65 words)
How will you conduct the research (the methodology 350 words)
Part 5 Policy
Relating module learning outcome (3 and 5) What is the potential impact of the research that you are proposing (260)
Part 6 References and presentation: Level 7
The referencing guidelines is Harvard referencing
A table or diagram for appraisal is needed.
Please Note:
That all guidelines and agreed delivery date must be strictly followed and met.
That this is a post-graduate order. (word count 2475).
Also, similarity certificate is needed

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