Please read the instructions carefully below, I am requesting a topic that can cover 12 to 15 pages for research purposes. Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions.
INSTRUCTIONS:Submit a 3 page research topic, including a set of research questions. A research question is to direct your research. In other words, it is what you are examining. A research paper is partly narrative but also demonstrates a problem or argues for a case.
The research proposal should include not only your research question, but including an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 8 sources, including at least two primary sources. An annotated bibliography provides a brief description of the book, and why it relates to your paper topic.
Potential Topics: I encourage you to write on any single battle from the Arab-Israeli Conflicts covered in your textbook. This may include battles from peripheral conflicts, such as the Iran-Iraq War. You can choose a non-military topic, of course. While I am open to most topics related to the Arab & Israeli Conflict, absolutely no proposals attempting to disprove the Holocaust. The same goes for other conspiracy theories that have gained traction since 9/11, such as the U.S.S. Liberty incident.

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