Paper One: Argument
See syllabus for due dates
Your first paper assignment is to write a 4-page essay that develops an ARGUMENT based on either the materials youve read on Online Activism OR Millennials. After reading the articles (found on Blackboard), you need to come up with an argument of your choice that can be proven using the support of what youve read. If you need help developing an argument, you need to speak to me.
You need to use at least TWO of the three sources on your topic in order to complete this paper.

At least 1-2 paragraphs of this paper should be devoted to exploring the OPPOSITE side of the argument (the COUNTER-argument), and you should both explain the belief of your opposition, and then take the time to refute their point.
Your introductory paragraph must include a clear thesis statement that effectively guides your audience and previews the structure of your paper. You must also include ONE quotation for each of your body paragraphs.

Your thesis statement needs to have a subject, argument, and main ideas for you to be able to effectively argue your point. Each paragraph should make use of the MEAL structure: Main idea, Example, Analysis, Link and your use of quotes should display ICE structure, Introduce the piece of the argument, Cite where it happens in the text, Explain how it relates back to your thesis.
Your rough draft should be at least 4 FULL pages in length. All essays should be typed, double spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins. Your name, the instructors name, the course and section number, and the due date of the assignment should be on the top-left corner of your first page. Pages should be numbered. Please give your paper a thoughtful title, but do not include a title page or cover sheet.

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