Assisted Suicide in Canada

Assisted Suicides in Canada
but the main focus is talking on the religious aspect of it all. There are doctors that dont agree to assisted suicide because of religious views and there are also some doctors that do agree and are very open with it. I need at least 2 pages of something that explains both sides on religious views on assisted suicides.
I) General Guidelines
Your MRP must be based on the research topic reviewed and discussed with me.
Your MRP must cite all sources properly, including proper footnotes/endnotes or in the MRP body notations as well as a proper Bibliography/Reference Page (McGill citation standard).
II) Specific Guidelines
Begin with an introduction to your topic; this section contains your thesis and background.
The body of the paper is an analysis of the 3 5 arguments that you set out in your proposal. For each argument, introduce the argument, set out any law, policy or rule that might apply to the argument and then prove your argument using cases, articles, treatises etc.
In your conclusion, restate your thesis using more definitive language and set out the conclusions, recommendations and outstanding issues that remain unanswered.
You have been given a specific, detailed critique of your writing style and your proposal; make sure to apply the written critique and the feedback discussed verbally in your MRP.
III) Format Guidelines
Your grade will be based on the quality of your initial analysis and outline of your topic.
Attention must be paid to proper writing style, including spelling, grammar and punctuation and formatting. Do not use slang, short forms, unprofessional language or text lingo.
The use of titles, subtitles and/or headings is recommended.
Use proper paragraphs.
You may use the short headings of cases in the body of your assignment but the full cases must be provided in the footnotes/endnotes and References/Bibliography page.
The suggested length of the assignment is 15 – 20 double spaced pages in 12 font, exclusive of cover page, reference page/bibliography and any supplementary documents, such as graphs, diagrams, statistics pages.

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