Your final project is to prepare a scientific paper about an astronomy topic of your choice. You are free to select a topic not covered in class, but such topics must be approved ahead of time. The paper should include the title of your paper and a brief description, known as abstract, of no more than a few sentences.

A typical abstract might read like this:

One of the Milky Ways premier star factories lurk some 7500 light-years from Earth in the Southern constellation Carina. The Eta Carinae Nebula (NGC 3372) came to life about 3 million years ago when a first generation of stars ignited within a huge cloud of molecular hydrogen. Intense ultraviolet radiation and powerful stellar winds from these stars carved out an expanding bubble of hot gas.

The body of this paper should be detailed – it must contain more than 1000 words (NOT including the words of the abstract), which is roughly equivalent to three typewritten, double-space pages. (If you compose your paper in using the software program like Word, you should do a word count on your document to make certain you have at least 1000 words when finished.)
Describe your subject succinctly and in complete sentences. Write in the third-person, which means that you would NOT be using personal references such as I or you or me in your paper. This paper should be double space, with one-inch margins.
At the end of paper, list your sources. You must use at least two references. Make sure that if you use internet sources, that they are from reputable websites.

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