bibliography on a cultural theorist

Task 1: Meet the theorist early life
Choose one theorist from your previous research. Expand your research to include a short summary of facts about their life (birthplace, early family life, schooling, marriage/children, etc.). Consult a minimum of two sources. Be sure to record the sources for your bibliography.
Task 2: Summary of their major work
Drawing upon your research chart from the previous lesson activity, provide a 150200 word summary of the major contribution the theorist has made to their field.
What did they achieve that gave them professional recognition? What new way of thinking, or approaching culture, did they create?
Task 3: Applying their theory
Apply their theory, or big idea, to a cultural ritual of your choice some examples are marriage, childbearing, or even a festival, but choose something you feel strongly about.
How does this theory, or way of seeing and understanding a culture, explain the meaning of the ritual you have chosen?
Provide a 150200 word explanation of how your theorist would explain the ritual.
Task 4: Referencing
Submit a properly set-up APA bibliography with a minimum of five sources.

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