Body image

Essay details (applies to all prompts):
1. Choose 1 prompt;
2. Paper length: 6-7 double-spaced pages (must hit bottom of p. 6);
3. Minimum req’d sources: 4
4. Avoid summarizing; use direct quotes to support your argument;
5. Works Cited page req’d; -5 points, if missing;
6. MLA 8 formatting
Prompt 1: Body Image in Media
In Simmons’s article, “How Social Media Is a Toxic Mirror” (Time), she states how “We’ve long understood that movies, magazines, and television damage teens’ body image by enforcing a ‘thin ideal'” (para 1). She further argues how “social media has also become a toxic mirror” (para 2) and how this perpetuates the danger of body idealism for teens, regardless of gender.
This prompt asks us to read Simmons’s article and consider her arguments. First, figure out whether you agree, disagree, or wish to take a neutral position, by presenting positive and negative facts on the issue. This latter stance is neutral, though it nonetheless outlines an argument.
Next, select at least 2 of the following types of media that you feel serve as examples of perpetuating the “thin ideal”, or the ideal/”perfect” body, and would best help to prove your claim:
Types of Media: Films, TV shows, social media platforms, Smartphone apps, magazines, etc.
You should also research 1-2 psychology articles that reference the issue concerning teen body image to best support your claim.

Reputable Sources (For all essays + prompts):
1. Newspapers (local and international)
2. Magazines (local and international)
3. Organization / Non-profit data/statistics
4. Gov’t websites / statistics
5. Peer reviewed journal articles

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