BSBMGT517: Assessment 2

Part A Plan and implement human resourcing
1. Using the Human Resource Planning Model (HRPM), and with reference to your operations plan in Assessment Task 1, determine the human resourcing requirements for BBQfun.

2. Using the same HRPM develop a plan to source the human resource requirement you determined in Question 1 above.

3. Describe how you would source candidates for BBQfun. Briefly explain the reasons for your approach.

4. Select two positions from your determination of human resourcing requirements in Question 1 above and discuss your general approach to assessing candidates for each of those positions.

5. For the two positions you nominated in Question 4, outline how would ensure the successful candidates are inducted into BBQfun?

Part B Plan and implement physical resourcing
1. Based on your Operational Plan, determine the necessary physical resourcing for BBQfun.

2. Identify three options for acquiring one of the physical resources you have identified for BBQfun. In a table similar to that below, show the relative advantages and disadvantages of each as it relates to the resource you have identified.

Resourcing Option Advantages Disadvantages

3. Based on the evaluation of the acquisition alternatives, which option would you implement to acquire each resource you have identified. Briefly outline the reasons for your decision.

4. Using your own research, identify three potential suppliers for two of the physical resources that you determined are necessary for BBQfun.

5. Using the following table, evaluate each of the suppliers you have identified and determine the most appropriate supplier.

Supplier A Supplier B Supplier C
Factor Weight (W) Score (S) Weighted score
(W x S) Score (S) Weighted score
(W x S) Score (S) Weighted score
(W x S)
Delivery speed
Range of options
(% of budget)
Total score/

6. For one other physical resource not identified at Question 4, outline the competitive tender process you would undertake to determine the most suitable supplier. Briefly explain your approach in selecting the successful bidder.

Part C Intellectual property
Explain the risk management strategy you would implement to ensure that BBQfuns Intellectual Property (IP) is protected and that it does not breach third-party IP.

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