building a freestanding day surgery unit

This assignment is designed to integrate the three themes of epidemiology, service planning and health
facility planning as a planning process. Working at the Regional Council of the Ministry of Health, in a
country of your choice, you are responsible for preparing a Health Plan for the region covering the fiveyear
period 2018-2023.
The plan should set a clear long-term strategic direction and identify key strategic themes. Within this
context, a shorter-term operational plan (i.e. for the current financial year) should be developed together
with an indication of how implementation will be monitored. Such a plan should develop a strong
argument justifying its development which is supported by appropriate data.
In preparing the plan you will be expected to draw on relevant concepts and practices from the tutorial
sessions. The written report should be a maximum of 4000 words.

plan: to build a free standing day surgery unit in hospital teluk intan

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