Building information modeling – at FM

Critical thinking at MSC level on a of Building information modeling (BIM) software implementation at Facilities Management level.
Paper needs editing, critically thinking, test and explore as if you where too produce a paper for a Professional organisation & a client – not academic essay but report paper. But Will need references too where ideas are used of others.
*There is no need for a introduction or conclusion – only of content and recommendations.
the report needs a case studied too follow off and (i.e. if you where a tasked as a facilities manager and asked by your employers/clients what are the benefits and limitations (critically think) on the subject of BIM and relate it to a Current case study covering:life cycle, portfolio management,strategic maintenance
thinking of merging software.
please visit the link to understand what is required:

How Does BIM Benefit Facilities Managers?

It should then focus on a more specific challenge of industry issues that will benefit from expert advice generated through your research and input from the chosen case study/s.
Required detailed knowledge of Application of BIM operation & maintenance.
Appreciated detail depth required in which BIM is Applied @ operation and maintenance stages.
Include prevailing and emerging collaborative practices on BIM
Too include a section, reflecting on the learning Applied too operations and maintenance for BIM implementation
By use of a current case study/studies what I need is this paper too:
*discuss by implementation of BIM at the organisations level
* Life cycle of Buildings (580 words)
*impacts to large scale portfolio management (580words)
*Strategic maintenance.(580words)
BE innovated with BIM topics covered. ie be more spacific to concepts of (BIM) building Information modelling implementation at a organisation level

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