bussiness anyalysis and valuation

Students are required to work in a group of 2-3 students in the performance of both the oral
presentation and the written business report. Students must register for their group with the lecturer
during the first three weeks of the trimester and are not allowed to change group members afterward.
Topic For Both Group Oral Presentation And Group Written Business Report:
1. Read the case studies of Qantas in the prescribed textbook of this unit Palepu, K. G., P. M.
Healy, V. Bernard, S. Wright, M. Bradbury, P. Lee, Business Analysis and Valuation Using
Financial Statements: Text and Cases, 2nd ed .Asia Pacific Edition, Cengage Learning, 2015:
Chapter 2: page 51 page 66
Chapter 4: page 125 page 128 (Internet retrieve of Qantas annual reports if needed)
Chapter 5: page 188 page 194
You are also required to explore and collect more information on the company to
complete this assignment. Hence, additional research must be performed.
2. Then, answer ALL the following questionsin both of your oral presentation and written report:
a) Analyse the competitive forces facing Qantas, using the five forces framework.
b) Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) evaluation of
Qantass competitive strategy.
c) What has been Qantass corporate strategy across its domestic and international
divisions since 1992?
How has that strategy changed in response to market changes?
d) Identify any two (2) accounting policy choices that you think should be closely
watched by auditors and analysts for a company in the airline industry.
Discuss in details for each of the two accounting policy choices above and explain why
you have chosen each of them.
e) Evaluate Qantass financial performance (Revenues and Expenses) and financial
position (Assets, Liabilities, and Owners Equities) at the end of 2013 (as specified in
the textbooks case studies).
f) Evaluate Qantass financial performance (Revenues and Expenses) and financial
position (Assets, Liabilities, and Owners Equities) at the end of the latest financial
year that you can find.
g) Analyse the differences and similarities in your findings between part (e) and part (f).
Then, make a clear recommendation to potential and existing investors on whether
they should hold, buy or sell Qantas shares. Clearly explain your opinion.
Note: The assignment marking guide is provided below to guide students on the group written

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