Buyer Decision Making

Critically analyse and evaluate the marketing strategies of Burberry in the UK. As a marketing expert you are asked to present to the Board your thoughts on what Burberry should do to further extend its success in the UK market.
Note: Should you feel that you would like to work on a different company/country focus compared to Burberry in the UK seek confirmation of acceptability of your choice by the convenor of the module. Lack of permission implies that you are expected to work on the above focus (i.e. Burberry in the UK).
You are required to submit your assignment in report form. You may consider covering the following key aspects:
a) Provide a brief presentation of the company and the brand, justify its classification as a high-end fashion brand.
b) Present a detailed analysis of its market, and marketing strategies, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses; and
c) Make well-justified recommendations for improvements to their strategies.
This assignment provides an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and understanding of aspects of decision making and marketing strategy to a real world situation. The report should draw on a range of information sources (e.g. company reports, reports in magazines/press, relevant readings from academic journals, lecture notes etc.). You should use conceptual frameworks, such as motivation theories, attitude theories, reference groups, learning theories etc., to provide insight into the market analysis, decision making, marketing strategy, and your detailed recommendations. There is no need to cover all conceptual frameworks you have learnt during the course of this module. It is recommended that you employ RELEVENT frameworks to explain various conceptual perspectives in the report.
The report itself should have a clear logical and well developed line of argument. Remember however that it is a report and not an essay. In a report, it is usual to have a number of sub headings and credit will be given for logical structuring of the information. It is expected that the report will also include a number of academic references as one of the key challenges of the assignment is to use conceptual material covered in the module to inform your understanding of the practice of marketing.
Submission of coursework
Students should submit the individual assignment report via Moodle. One hard copy of the individual assignment report should also be handed in to the Student Office in the R&D building. All coursework should have a Business School assessed coursework cover sheet attached.
If coursework is submitted late without sufficient reason it should be marked in the normal way and a penalty then applied. See CB9065 Module Guide for detail.
In preparing your report for submission, the following guidelines apply:
The report should be a maximum of 3,000 words (excluding references and appendices).
You should submit via Moodle and one hard copy of your report.
The report should be word-processed, page-numbered and written in report-writing style: i.e. it should have a title page, table of contents, summary (max 1 page), main body of report (covering introduction, all areas mentioned above), followed by references and appendices. The text should be organised according to logical sections and subsections, and have a page-numbered table of contents. Please remember the word count does not include the references and the appendices.
All student coursework should be properly referenced. Standards of academic integrity are expected to be upheld by all students at all times. This means that you must ensure that you do not use the words or ideas of another person without proper acknowledgement of that source. This is very important because plagiarism is an academic offence for which there are severe penalties.

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