capacitated vehicle routing problem

A capacitated vehicle routing problem
In the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) we are given an undirected complete graph with node set and edge set Every node has a demand for service Each edge has associated a travel distance (cost) The aim of this problem is to find a set of routes to satisfy all the customer demand in such a way the total distance travelled by all the vehicles is mi
nimized.Vehicles are homogeneous, i.e, all the vehicles have the same capacity, denoted by All vehicles are required to start and end their routes at the depot A feasible solution to the problem is a set of
vehicle routes such that every node, excluding the depot, is visited once; every route starts and ends at the depot; and total demand serviced by a vehicle route does not exceed The objective is hierarchical: the number of routes is to be minimised first, and then, for a given number of routes, the total distance (cost) given by all the vehicles is minimised

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