Capstone Resume and Career Plan

Resume and Career Plan
For this assignment, you will be submitting two separate documentsa resume and a career plan. You may submit a resume and a career plan based on your own personal information or you may submit them based on fictional information, thus keeping your personal information private. Either is an acceptable choice, and you will not be graded based on whether you choose to submit actual or fictional information.
The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience developing both a resume and a career plan. If you choose to use fictional information, you can then use what youve learned in this assignment to help you develop your own personal resume and career plan. If your time permits, you can even develop your real resume and career plan and the fictional ones for the assignment simultaneously. If you have any questions or concerns about this assignment, please contact your instructor as early in the course as possible so they can be addressed.
Following are the specific requirements for each component of this assignment:
Find a posting for a job that currently interests you and for which you are qualified. Using either your own information or fictional information, create a resume tailored to this job description. If you are creating this resume for a fictional person, you can feel free to add skills, experiences, or qualifications that you do not possess, in addition to creating fictional contact information, a fictional educational background, etc.
You may choose whatever type of resume seems most appropriate. Your resume should include the following elements:
Contact information
You may also choose to include additional elements as appropriate and needed. Before submitting your resume, have at least one person read through it and check for errors in spelling, grammar and formatting.

Capstone – Human Services Strategy and Execution
Module 8: Beyond CSU-Global

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