challenges faced by a single mother in career progression

1. Analyse one or more strategic problems in a modern business organisation and produce a comprehensive report detailing the objectives, methodologies, findings, analysis, and conclusions of the research carried out above. The minimum word length for the report is 8000 words. 2. Analyse the extent to which you have developed your knowledge, throughout the course and how the course and this project has helped your employability. This should be summarised as a personal statement of no more than 500 words and placed in an appendix to the main document.

Indicative Content Aims of research

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Define objectives/research questions relevant to aim. Maintain focus on aims/objectives throughout. Define and explain hypotheses. (Worth 10% of marks) Literature review Conduct thorough review of appropriate secondary sources. Critically explore relationship between the literature and the project. (Worth 20% of marks) Research methodology Explain and justify an appropriate methodology approach and data collection techniques appropriate to aims and research questions. (Worth 20% of marks) Data Analysis Analysis of data in the light of the research objectives and questions. Analytical presentation of findings. (Worth 20% of marks) Discussion Discuss results highlighting significant findings and comparing theory & practice (Worth 10% of marks) Conclusions / recommendations Formulate conclusions and recommendations based on interpretation of both the research conducted and the existing literature. (Worth 10% of marks) Critical evaluation Critically evaluate work. Identify and discuss areas for further research. (Worth 5% of marks) Presentation Present work to an acceptable standard that is logical and adds value to the document.

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