Character Assignment

Select a character from one of your favorite television shows. (Choose one from a fiction-based show. Don’t use one from a “reality” show.) Write a brief character sketch that uses the terms and qualities discussed in this module to describe the character.
The purpose of the assignment is to show that you thoroughly understand the terminology associated with the Character element of fiction, so be sure to provide details. Be sure to address the following:
Title of show and name of character
Physical and personality description
If the character is a flat, round, and/or stock character
If he/she is dynamic, static, and/or a foil
If he/she is plausible and consistent.
Length/Format Requirements:
The assignment should be a minimum of one to two (1-2) typed, double spaced pages. Use a 12-point font, Times New Roman. Margins should be 1″ on all sides. Do not use a title page, but use a proper MLA heading, and title your assignment.

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