Chester 6003 HZD

You have been asked by your Global Marketing Director to explore international market expansion opportunities for your product line. As International Brand Manager of one of the products list below* you must evaluate the cultural environment of a potential target market to gain a better understanding of any impacts for an international marketing mix strategy there. Produce a 2000 word report which addresses the following:
– Identify and critically analyse at least 2 cultural challenges the company might face in a new international market, using relevant cultural theory. ?[1000 words]
– Select 1 aspect of the products marketing mix which will need to be adapted in light of your cultural research and critically evaluate using relevant academic marketing mix theory ?[1000 words]

*Choose one from the following:

Energy Drinks (or similar)
Food (not fast food)

NB: Your choice of country must be DIFFERENT to your own nationality. e.g. if you are a Chinese student you must assume you are launching a product from China INTO a different foreign market

Broad Guidance:

– Introduce report: brief background of the company & product offer; the potential international market segment
– Cultural analysis of the foreign market using relevant secondary research & theoretical cultural frameworks to gain depth of insight into the culture & behaviour of a potential target market for your product. Should you target the same or different target segment to the home market?

Tip: ?Use/build on information gained from class based activities undertaken ?during ?the module to help inform your cultural market analysis.

– Marketing Mix Adaptation: Now, based on the cultural analysis, critically analyse the adaptation and/or standardization requirements of the marketing mix elements, focusing in particular on one marketing mix element. Consider the strategic implications, rather than merely making operational recommendations.
– Theoretical Analysis: you must demonstrate evidence of wider reading and critical application of relevant theory including a range of cultural theory and relevant marketing mix related theory.

?Tip: ?show how the cultural analysis relates to the marketing mix strategy ???make sure you show the link!

– Conclude your report by summarising the key findings

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