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Growth of SMEs in China. The case study of Alibaba
Small and medium sized enterprises have a major contribution towards the growth of a countrys economy. They are the basis on which large global companies grow. However for the SMEs to grow to the global levels, they go through a process of growth and expansion. However, they=re are many factors that slow down the process of growth and expansion. This paper aims at highlighting on some of the challenges facing the growth of SMEs in China and the steps taken to solve some of these problems. It also focuses on the contribution of SMEs to the growth of the Chinese economy. The results from the study reveal that the main factors hindering growth of SMEs in china include financial constraints, resistance to change and the government regulatory frameworks. The results highlight provision of incentives, formation of the Public-Private Partnerships and change in the management as the main steps to help develop SMEs. This paper also focuses on the ways in which growth of SMEs has contributed to the growth of the Chinese economy. The methods of data collection employed include, use of questionnaires, interviews and observation. Data was analyzed used using the mixed method approach where both the qualitative and quantitative approaches were adopted.This dissertation will analysis the Growth of Alibaba.

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and finial in 10000 words
Data in Appendix use spss

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