Child Soldiers

10-minute mini-presentation on a Key Concept in Childhood Studies
Weight: 10% of final grade
Key concepts: child soldiers
Your job is to give your peers in your tutorial a 10-minute mini-presentation on a Key
Concept in childhood studies that we havent examined in lecture. Define the term and
provide context and possible alternative definitions that enhance the one provided in
Key Concepts of Childhood Studies. Then illustrate the term with a brief activity that
invites the class to relate the meaningfulness of the term to a practical issue from the
actual world (for example, a recent news story or political debate).
Prepare 2 questions that encourage your peers to think critically about the term in the
context of your presentation. Good questions often ask people to consider how the
term helps them to understand children, childhood and youth in a way that challenges
their assumptions, received opinions or beliefs.
You may use PowerPoint (or Prezi, Keynote, PechaKucha, etc.), but it is not a
requirement. If you choose to create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation, be sure to use
it effectively as it will be considered in your assessment. Dont read from your slide and
dont overload slides with too much information!
Please read the section in How To Succeed at University on Oral Presentations (pp.
13-21) before preparing your presentation.
You may choose to work with a partner or individually.
Have fun and be enthusiastic!

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