church growth and leadership

This student will review 50 no more as needed but 15 minimum reference to be used in writing a comprehensive paper on the topic the student will write a 20-page on the topic number one a cover page APA rrw me format number 2 abstract summary paragraph 1 number 3 introduction identify the topic for investigation a clear thesis statement detailing the problem or issue for investigation one or two pages number for review of literature 9 to 12 pages a identify at least three themes and issues to investigate be each team should be three to four pages in length 5 analysis critique of current literature (2-3pages) 6 synthesis connections between theory and practice two to three pages number 7 application apply the findings to current Ministry practice 3 to 5 pages number 8 conclusion and implications restate thesis and discuss implications for church and community life one to two pages number 9 references biographic or reference used in the preceding text items 3 to 8

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