Civil Military Relations Take-Home Exam

Answer four of the seven questions listed. You can pick the four questions out of the seven to answer. One question has three parts to it (A, B, and C). *Write 3 pages per question! Only reference and use the readings that I will upload. Do not use any other online sources to answer the questions. You have to reference the readings that are relevant to the questions. And reference more than one reading obviously per question. I am uploading all of the readings from the semester and it may seem like a lot, but only reference the readings that are relevant to the questions you pick. Use double-space, times new roman, number your pages and use the roman numerals from the prompts as your section-headings. (Do not take space repeating the question or the prompts on your document). You will not need footnotes or a works cited page. It will be enough to use the authors last name and the page number in parenthesis as you go along.

This is what the professor says:
*In terms of length for each of the four essays, think in terms of a paragraph for introduction, one or two paragraphs for each prompt and a paragraph by way of conclusion.
*The idea is to reflect as much substance as possible in these essays, within the space Ive mentioned.

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