Civil Rights for Women in Nigeria

This is a sociology dissertation about civil women rights in Nigeria. The historical period chosen is after the World War II until now. The main topic will concentratre on what are the changing in Nigeria’s law and politics regarding feminism and the expansion of civil and social rigts.
The dissertation structure will be as follows:
– Introductinon
Discuss about what the topic is about; the improvement in civil and social rights for women; the level of participation in politics, in teaching; the level of women violence; work discrimination.
-Main Body
1) Speak about the methodology you are going to use; these have to be qualitative and quantitative methodologies as well as literatrure review, Marxist theories and feminism opinions by someone else.
2)Personal view and opinion about the topic
3)Talk about how the women civil and social rights improved; what changes have been made until now (employment, law, politics, education, violence etc…)
4)Talk about class inequalities (social, civil, political) between women and men
5)Talk about the history of Nigeria (Protests, campaigns and women life issues)


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