classroom management reflection

Part 1: Classroom Management Self-Inventory
Based on completing the Classroom Management Self-Inventory for a second time, how have your classroom management skills evolved? Be sure to cite and explain specific changes from Module 1 to Module 7.
In what specific areas do you feel you need to continue to improve? Be sure to cite specific details and examples from your past professional experiences. Develop 23 SMART goals for further development of these areas in relation to specific statements from the Classroom Management Self-Inventory. Be sure to include the action steps/resources needed to help you reach those goals.
Part 2: Motivation and Engagement
Explain the motivation strategies and reward systems you have implemented since Module 3 of this course. What strategies are proving effective? What modifications need to be made to ensure other strategies are effective?
Develop 2 SMART goals for increasing student motivation and engagement in your classroom setting. List the action steps/resources to help you obtain those goals.
Part 3: Final Course Reflection
Explain the 23 key insights you gained throughout this course. What was new information for you? What do you want to learn more about? How has the course material and resources changed your thinking regarding classroom management?
Develop 2 SMART goals for creating an effective and positive classroom learning environment. Be sure to include the action steps/resources needed to help you reach those goals.
Explain your plan for using your professional development presentation as a professional tool for others. In your response, explain one way to use it with your school setting colleagues and one way you might use it with an additional audience.

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