Commercial Law


Critically discuss how and when title is transferred if the seller is bound to perform some condition(s) before the sale is possible. Illustrate your answer using a variety of legal sources.

Learning Outcomes
This assignment specifically addresses the following outcomes as set out on the LW315 Commercial Law module descriptor
Understand and analyse the rights and duties of the parties to a contract for the sale of goods.
Identify legal issues and apply legal research skills in their investigation.
Demonstrate ability to research and analyse legal areas, and apply understanding gained to a legal problem.
Apply and communicate relevant research material to a variety of situations, and produce logically structured and well balanced view.
Marking Guidelines
40%: Knowledge and understanding of the topic area with supporting authority
30%: Evidence of analysis and critical evaluation drawing appropriate conclusions
10%: Research skills
15%: Structure and presentation
5%: Referencing and bibliography

The following must be adhered to:
2. The assignment must NOT exceed 1500 words. The word limit excludes footnotes and the bibliography. Any words outside the limit will be crossed out and not be considered part of your assignment.
3. All work must be referenced using either the Harvard system of referencing or the London Footnoting System (see appendix 1)
4. A word count for each answer must be included.
5. A bibliography must be included.

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