Communication Theories and models

The goal of this assignment is for students to apply theories addressed in the course a contemporary movie and its possible effects on the audience and to compare and contrast different theoretical perspectives.
Choose a cinematic movie that was released in 2016-2017. Briefly describe the movie alongside other characteristics related to its production and distribution (if a lengthy description is needed, do so in an appendix to the paper). It is recommended to receive the approval of the teaching assistant for the chosen movie before commencing with the work.
Provide a brief general review of each of the two theoretical perspectives: Uses and gratifications theory and political-economy theory. Then, analyze the movie (its content, production, and distribution as relevant for each theory) and its possible audience effects based on these two theories. Consider what predictions each theory is likely to make about the movie and the audience effects. In your analysis, make sure to employ central concepts from each theory. Define and exemplify each concept clearly. Make sure to write complete and well-supported arguments and support these with concrete examples from the movie.
Finally, compare and contrast the two theories: Discuss 2 similarities and/or differences between them in their approach to movie, its production and distribution, and/or its audience effects. Use specific examples from the movie to support your arguments throughout the entire paper.
You are strongly encouraged to use credible, recent, and relevant external sources throughout the paper to support your arguments. Attach a reference list at the end of the paper. Follow the citation guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) as taught in the Academic Writing Workshop.
Please note that alongside these instructions, we have uploaded to the course website two chapters that deal with the above theories and that can be used in the theoretical discussion and interpretation. The proper citation (references) for the readings is below:
– Bryant, J., & Thompson, S. (2002). Fundamentals of media effects (Ch. 8). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.
– The citation for the reading on political-economy theory is on the reading itself (page 1).
The paper may be written in pairs (no more than two people per group). The paper should be written in an essay format and be no more than 5 pages long (excluding appendix and reference list), submitted as a Word document (not in PDF or Pages [MAC] format), typed using Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced, with 2 cm margins on all sides. On the first page indicate your identification numbers and the names of your teaching assistants. The papers grade will constitute 20% of the final course grade.

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