Compare and contrast the theories of international law of Grotius and Vattel.

RELEVANCE the ability to focus your work on the question at hand, gathering literature and data that relate clearly to the subject
STRUCTURE the ability to achieve a coherent structure in your work so that it flows logically and fluently, using good paragraphing and signposting, with a clear introduction and conclusion.
ACCURACY describing empirical phenomena and key ideas and theories accurately and clearly.
EVIDENCE using relevant, appropriate, authoritative sources to back up your claims and arguments, indicating strong knowledge of the literature
ANALYSIS the ability to move beyond a descriptive approach to key ideas and information towards harnessing these in the construction of an insightful response to the question
CRITICAL JUDGEMENT the ability to engage critically with the sources you use, reflecting on their strengths and limitations and using such reflections to develop your own argument.
COMMUNICATION writing carefully with good grammar, spelling and word choice, to communicate your arguments and analysis effectively.
REFERENCING correctly citing and attributing the sources you use in written work through an identified referencing system

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