Compare and Contrast

Essay Two Assignment: Comparison/Contrast

Write an essay about a relative or friend that you have known since you were a child. Consider how your opinion of this person is different now from what it was then.
Write an essay comparing any two groups that have divergent valuesfor example, vegetarians and meat eaters, smokers and non-smokers, hipsters and mainstream, conservatives and liberals, or anything similar
Write an essay contrasting two similar people, places, things, or ideas. For example, Target and Wal-Mart, HEB and Kroger, two music genres, two video games, or anything else that you find interesting.
Decide on a pattern for your essay, either block pattern or alternating pattern. Remember, you will be either comparing or contrastingnot both.
Plan and draft a four-(block) or five-paragraph (alternating) essay of 650-800 words on your chosen topic.
Your introductory paragraph should end with a clear thesis sentence that provides a description of what you are either comparing or contrasting and what details you are using to make that comparison or contrast.
Each of your body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence that connects it to your thesis.
Your essay should end with a concluding paragraph of about three to four sentences. Your first sentence should restate your thesis but NOT using the exact words.
Make sure that your paper is in correct M.L.A. format. Step-by-step instructions, a template, and a sample paper are included in the Writing and Research section. You will not need to include a Works Cited page.
Submit your final draft in the proper Dropbox by 11:59 P.M. CST on Tuesday, December 26.
Comparison/Contrast Essay Rubric
Part One: Content25 %
_______ 25 Points The writing shows student understanding throughout, noting three similarities or differences between the chosen subjects. The writer uses insightful and specific examples.
_______ 20 Points The writing shows concrete understanding of similarities or differences between the chosen subjects. Appropriate use of examples is apparent.
_______ 15 Points The writing shows understanding of the similarities or differences between the two subjects. The writer provides broad examples that could better be explained.
_______ 10 Points The writing does not show three examples of similarities or differences of the two chosen subjects OR the content shows several inaccuracies and confusion
_______ 0 Points Off-Topic or student does not appear to understand the nature of the assignment.
Part Two: Organization25%
_______ 25 Points The paper shows a thoughtful, logical, and clear layout of concepts. Transition sentences are smooth. The essay includes an introduction with a clear thesis, three body paragraphs with clear topic sentences that relate to the thesis, and a concluding paragraph.
_______ 20 Points The paper is logically and clearly organized. The thesis might not thoroughly identify the concepts to be discussed in the body paragraphs, and the topic sentences might need improvement to better reflect the thesis. The essay includes an introduction and conclusion.
_______ 10 Points The writing is somewhat organized. The writers points are identifiable with little confusion of the reader. The introduction and/or conclusion might be weak.
_______ 5 Points The paper is somewhat disorganized and difficult to follow. It lacks planning, and/or it does not contain sufficient content for organization.
_______ 0 Points No logical organization pattern
Part Three: Format25%
_______ 25 Points Correct MLA Format
_______ 15 Points MLA Format with one or two errors on page 1
_______ 5 Points MLA Format with incorrectly formatted or missing header, incorrect spacing, incorrect font/font size, incorrectly formatted Works Cited page.
_______ 0 Points MLA format not followed. Missing parenthetical documentation and/or missing Works Cited page.
Part Four: Conventions25 %
_______ 25 Points Work has been proofread. The essay contains no grammatical or spelling errors that take away from comprehension.
_______ 20 Points The paper contains minor grammatical errors and/or a few spelling mistakes that do not affect the readers comprehension.
_______ 15 Points The paper includes several grammar and spelling mistakes that may slightly impinge upon the readers comprehension.
_______ 10 Points Numerous mistakes exist in grammar and spelling, making the essay difficult to read. The essay has clearly not been proofread.
_______ 0 Points The essay is incomprehensible because of grammar and spelling errors.

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