Consumer Response to Promotional Tools (Retail)

In this term paper you should critically review literature on a specific type of consumer behaviour (and a target group of consumers) and relevant theories (e.g. motivations, perception, decision- making, learning etc.). The main logic is to analayse a specific consumer behaviour/psychological theory (e.g. .perception, attitude etc.) and a chosen industry (it can be banking, luxury products, car industry etc.). For example, if you pick the theory of “consumer perceived value”, then you can apply this theory in any chosen industry.

Literature Review
Your review should include the following:
the chosen consumer behaviour and its related theory; ?
a discussion on the consumer behavioral concept selected using appropriate academic literature; ?
an explanation on why monitoring this consumer behaviour could improve the current situation of your chosen industry. ?

Proposed Structure
Introduction: The background of chosen business/industry: overall background & current challenge. Why your essay can contribute: How your review topic can help to address the challenges faced
Body: Your chosen theory: introducing and evaluating your theory, eg: What is perception? How perception is applied in other consumer research? What are the pros and cons about using perception theory? How your chosen theory has been applied to the topic of choice in domain of food service choice or a related field? If yes, is there any problem in the previous studies? If not, why this theory should be used and what contribution can it make?
Conclusion: Summarise why your chosen theory is useful to investigate the topic/question you are exploring. What would recommend for the future? (e.g. proposing future study; recommendation for the business etc.)

Assignment structure: Is the assignment well organised and logically constructed?
Background: Whats the current climate of the industry? Discuss the consumer behaviour concept selected using appropriate academic theories and literature, then illustrate why monitoring this behaviour could improve the current situation of your chosen brand/company.
Links with the broader literature: Demonstrate an understanding of the key academic concepts and debates relevant to the chosen consumer behaviour, and an ability to evaluate competing arguments and to make use of up-to-date-research?
Conclusion: Is the conclusion a useful summary of the assignment, and does it present an insightful summary of the topic?
Referencing: Is the assignment fully and correctly referenced, using the Harvard system? Are direct quotations clearly indicated, in accordance with Harvard, and does the reference list follow Harvard principles?
Grammar, spelling & presentation: Is the assignment clearly written, spell-checked and grammatically correct? Is it well presented and are the pages numbered? Is the assignment in report style, ie, with numbered headings & sub-headings?
1. Read academic journals! They often have a very good Introduction section to demonstrate problem statement and background of the study, and DEFINITELY have a comprehensive literature review (also called Theoretical Framework in some papers), which is the main body of your essay! ?
2. Make sure you read the Marking criteria carefully and make sure you cover everything in your essay. ?

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