Copyright Reform

Section 1 – Legal Precedents Up to 450 words
In this section, please summarize the relevant laws and court decisions governing copyright in the United States. You should include not only the provisions or outcomes but also the legal reasoning supporting them. Please do so in a manner that shows you understand the logic and importance of the precedent.
Section 2 – Critiques – Up to 400 words
Using course readings and your own research, please summarize the essential critiques of current copyright law including the legal/regulatory reasoning supporting that analysis.
Section 3 – Choose and Defend a Policy Position Up to 600 words
In this section, explain what should be done by the Congress in our current media environment to achieve the end of fulfilling the Constitutional mandate of copyright law to promote the arts and sciences. Make use of the research and arguments from sections 1-3 to support your position.
This section must:
1. Detail your policy solution:
1.1. What would you do?
1.2. How would you do it?
2. Explain how this policy achieves the policy goal stated above:
2.1. How does your policy achieve the stated goal?
3. Address likely counter-arguments to your position
3.1. Why is your policy better than other policies or the status quo?
Reminder: When choosing an online source to use to support your argument, please keep the following in mind:
1. Does the author have a larger political ideology or agenda? If so, what is it? Does it keep the author from considering counter-arguments and evidence? If so, that source is likely of limited use.
2. Is the authors argument supported by relevant evidence? If so, you can use it. If not, it is simply their opinion and will be of limited use in supporting your argument.

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