task 1: Reflect on all of the CPD events and activities you have participated in during semester 1:
the CPD event name are: Choosing your career direction, English for business ,Why should we employ you? , Identifying your graduate USP?
Assertiveness?Personal presenting and influencing skills?International business Correspondence?Postgraduate application support

Critically analyse the main developmental points from these events and activities.
o What did you learn from them? How helpful were they?
o How do these events and activities connect to the CPD events and activities you undertook in years 1 and 2 and how do they connect to your career goals and aspirations?
(Approximately 950-1100 words)
TASK 2 : Discuss the resultant actions (and targets) you have set yourself in the next 6 months to help you secure appropriate a place on a post graduate course. (If you already have a job offer / post graduate course offer then describe this instead).
(Approximately 300-400 words)
(Total for task two approximately 1250-1500 words)
Additional information for TASK1: this essay what future targets they have set and identifying the success criteria, therefore comprehensively demonstrating how the learning from CPD events/activities will help achieve personal goals.
Additional information for Task2: The candidate will clearly demonstrate a thorough understanding of the graduate labour market and will state the actions they will be taking to post graduate study.

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