create a web page

Project Overview
At University of Bahrain there are many events that are organized by different colleges, departments, directorate and units which raise the need to have a central calendar to document and organize such events so that the audience can view them all from a single interface. This calendar is needed to be available online with the following interfaces:
1. An administrative interface (could be a person from each college or the concerned dept, unit or directorate).
2. Users interface (student, faculty member, administrative staff).
Project Requirements
For this Project, you are expected to:
1. Develop a workable system considering the above requirements using any software/ language that you were taught in the previous years.
2. Students are required to capture the required specifications of the system through an interview with their instructor in class (Will be announced by your instructor). These specifications shoud be documented in a System Requirement Specification (SRS) document (An SRS template will be provided by your instructor).
3. Prepare the following Project Management Documents
a. Project Charter
b. Stakeholder Register
c. Kick-off meeting (students should meet and discuss the project charter and the SRS. A meeting minutes should be documented and submitted).
d. Develop WBS (at least three level WBS)
e. Project risk register describing the risk assessment techniques you used to rank your risks in which you have to rank each specific risk, describing why #1 was your critical, #2 your high, #3 your
medium, and #4 your low risks.
f. An estimated cost schedule as presented in Chapter 7.
g. To assure the quality,
i. Apply the two types of Testing as follows:
System Testing
End User testing
ii. Prepare a document of testing in terms of:
Outcomes of testing
Actions taken
h. Weekly Progress Report (at least 4 reports). Instructors will meet with each group every week and will collect these reports.
i. Project team meeting minutes (at least 4 reports).
j. Lessons Leaned Report

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