Creative Innovations that Occured During and after Hurricanes Irma and Maria

When we think of innovations we tend to think of what DeGraff and his colleagues call Breakthrough Ideas. These breakthrough ideas are radical products, services, or companies. Google, EBay, Amazon, the smart phone, the list goes on and on. Not all innovations, as DeGraff, et al point out, are breakthrough. Some are more incremental in nature. All innovations, however, must be new (or perceived new by the adopter) and must create an impact
This assignment is to have you describe an innovation that created an impact, although that impact may have been limited (very local, for example, versus a global impact of the breakthrough innovations previously mentioned). There were lots of creative innovations that occurred (and continue to occur) during the hurricanes (Irma and Maria) and the post-hurricane recovery period. Tarps being used as roofs is but one mundane example (you cannot use this one for your paper). There are lots of lesser-recognized innovations that those that were fortunate not to be impacted by the storms can reference for their papers.

You are to identify and discuss an innovation that you are aware of that is not widely known. Your paper should include, but not be limited to, a discussion on:
The Innovation itself o Including why you believe it qualifies as an innovation
The Innovators mindset (or speculate on it)
How creativity came into play in the innovations creation
Discuss the innovation in terms of BOTH the Discover and Develop steps of the Design Process presented in this class (but NOT the Assess step

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