Critical Thinking -Threat of North Korea

Read in Chapter 5 in your text Exhibit 5.12 (attached) and reflect on how you sometimes form inferences and interpret from a range of views and perspectives regardless of data or evidence to the contrary.
Based on your readings, research, and experiencesas well as your study and consideration of the Exhibit 5.12 select and analyze the history and present danger posed by North Korea that is currently in the national and global debate, and on North Koreas stated goal to develop and test nuclear-armed missiles that can reach the west coast of the United States.
What should the role of the US foreign policy, United Nations, China, and NATO be in response to this looming threat? In preparing your paper, consider how your thinking impacts how you give meaning to events, social issues, or facts.
Include the following points (see also Exhibit 5.1)
Profundityyour depth of knowledge on a topic
The paper is a roadmap of how your mind works. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer. The goal is to support your critical thinking based on readings from text, articles, or discussions.
Your critical analysis essay should be 4 pages.
Include a title page, an academic introduction and conclusion, and a reference page.
Incorporate three scholarly sources and reference your sources properly.

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