Critically evaluate why some workers in low- skilled occupations tolerate labour exploitation

The title of essay is: Critically evaluate why some workers in low skilled occupations tolerate labour exploitation

Guidance from module guide: You will need to have a focus. It may be helpful to discuss a particular group of workers, such as migrants, women, EU nationals what particular challenges do they face in the workplace? Focusing on a type of exploitation such as human trafficking, forced labour, domestic work, or exploitation occurring beyond criminal and/or legal frameworks (routine exploitation) may be useful. Whatever your focus, you first need to address what is meant by exploitation, and what forms of exploitation do workers tolerate? For example, there seems to be a dominant emphasis on severe exploitation. You could identify the vast literature on severe exploitation, and consider why this is the case might it be to do with newsworthiness, or is it easier for the state to pin blame on a small number of criminals rather than addressing systemic labour market and immigration issues? Part of this discussion might involve considering exploitation as a continuum in order to develop a more comprehensive approach. Might some workers tolerate this exploitation due to few other options, a lack of language skills or understanding of employment rights, hopes of better work in the future? How do the issues of coercion, consent, and forced flexibility relate to debates on the treatment of workers? How does the issue of consent affect workers claims of mistreatment? It is likely that you will need to draw on literature from other disciplines (e.g. migration, labour relations) in order to answer this essay question. However, ensure that you maintain an overall focus on criminology.

Want I want the essay to be about is ‘migrant domestic workers’ and I think a good idea is to focuss on women as they are the ones who do this kind of jobs. What I have been told to do in particular is to maintain a critical writing at all time, to read widely (that s mean lots of references) and to concentrate on the reasons why they accept labour exploitation. I also have to discuss the issue of consent in relation to labour exploitation. E.g. are migrant workers always in a blameless position if they enter the country illegally, or if they appear free to walk away / have not been coerced yet continue to tolerate exploitation? Implications of this on their treatment?

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