Assignment Brief MGT3146
Comparison exercise exploring theory and
empirical evidence and relating this to a
practical critical incidents in cross-cultural
This assignment is
worth 30% of the
overall unit mark
You work for an international consulting company, called GPi, which provides management advice to a number of
multinational organisations.
A new client, the American office of a global Events Management PR company called
Clarion, is organizing an international conference on
Developments in Business & Management in a Globalised World in Japan. They want a
report that can be sent to everyone who will be attending the conference, i.e., business
people, academics, consultants, teachers from all over the world. The client is interested
in a) the country Japan, b) cultural values, c) theory and practical implications of cross
cultural management research that can be shared with ALL international delegates.
GPi has been commissioned to write a cross-cultural briefing report at the cost of 2100.
Your managers have asked you to write the report and as an associate you get 50% of
that fee after successful delivery.
The report should include the following sections – make sure you guide the reader and
link (sub)sections through an organised structure.
Report must contain:
1. An introduction in which you state the aim of the report as per brief above and how
you will structure the report. You will also provide information on the current state
of Japan relevant to business. Give a practical example of the current challenges
(use newspapers like Use visuals where appropriate and explain them in
the text.
2. A comparison of the USA vs Japan, using Hofstedes work
to illustrate cultural differences at the Macro level.
You should also include a graph as shown in class. Descriptions of dimensions go
into an Appendix. Focus on the key differences and interpret it for business at a
national level with practical examples from well-known Japanese brands. Explain
why, like GDP and other indices, the Hofstede data is useful only up to a point.
3. Now your report moves away from Japan vs USA comparisons because you need to
give advice for ALL international delegates interacting with each other. Include an
analysis related to seminar topics and include reading from the reading list with
the best advice for all delegates attending the conference. The advice must relate
? Decision Making
? Negotiation & Communication
? Leadership & Cultural Intelligence
You may also use your practical experience but keep it professional i.e., frame
these into practical anecdotes, not a diary.
4. A conclusion critically evaluating the information presented from point 1-3 above
and three key points of advice presented with bullet points.
Professional delivery Max word count 2000. Over or under 10% allowed. More than
that, you are subject to the critique that you cannot focus (over) or read to little (under)
and this will affect your grade. Ensure you do a grammar & spell check, use a
professional lay out with subheadings, include an accurate reference list incl. at least 6
articles from the module reading list (Term 1).
Marking Criteria
Evidence that you have systematically researched the assignment and covered required
areas to the expected standard. Comprehensiveness (breadth and depth) of information.
Evidence that you have understood key issues and been able to effectively integrate
theory and practice. Able to choose what information needs to be included: Relevance of
contents to the brief. Good writing: Integration and coherence of component parts.
Evidence of effective use of a range of relevant resources. Coherence, synthesis and
integration of contents. Creativity and innovation shown through use of visuals and
practical examples.

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